30 May 2012

Bear Hats

Made bear hats for the new Guildren. These were meant to be owl hats (the cool ones in a blog I found) but I got lazy and ended up with these. They were a hit and even had requests to make more!

($12 each incl wrapping & postage to anywhere in Australia)

05 May 2012

One Handed Apple Pie

Now that we have a baby, we are slowly learning the skill of doing things with one hand... Here's my first attempt at baking a one-handed apple pie. Glad to report that it didn't turn out too badly!

Bonus- discovering you can use psyllium husk as a natural filling thickener. Pretty cool!

28 April 2012

Bub's 1 Month

Celebrating B's one month milestone together with my sis F's birthday today - perfect day for a monkey cake!

03 April 2012

Cook Ahead - Harmony Day

Ahh...cooking ahead pays off and will continue to do so! Here's our Mexican hotpot with fresh guacamole and Welsh pastor with veggies.

There's more multicultural cuisine waiting to be discovered in our freezer - Italian Bolognese, Irish Guinness Pie, American Pumpkin Soup and Indian Beef&Lentil Curry. Frozen Harmony Day! Cool!

14 March 2012

Baby Hats

Felt like knitting & crocheting today so I thought us make some baby hats...

10 March 2012

Fluffy Bsby Pillow

Made a bub support pillow and a few cases...not long now til we get to use them! So exciting!

04 March 2012

J's Baby Shower

A friend & colleague is having her first bub and celebrating with a shower... I thought it's just apt to make her some peanut butter baby cakes as she's having a baby and loooves peanut butter!